Our Products

We are a multi product factory doing woven and knits.  We produce garments for New Born's, Children, Young Fashion Teens, Women, Mens, Home Furnishing and Accessories.

Our products range from Shirts, Blouses, T-Shirts, Casual Jackets, Sports Jackets, Casual Blazers to Skirts, Fitted Pants, Overalls and Shortalls. We specialize in complicated, high fashion, value added merchandise.  Handling different fabrics in one garment, woven and sweater combo's etc.  Our special thanks to "Oilily", brand that we have been associated with over 30 years patterned us to develop these specialties.

Our Home Furnishing products and Accessories range from Mattress, Sleeping Bag, Quilt, Pillow, Duvet Cover, Artificial Jewellery, Bags, Caps, Beaded Purses, Canopy, Dolls etc.
We are also specialised in Denim and are one of the oldest denim plants in India.  Now with our love for the outdoors, we are concerned about the environmental impact of our jeans.  Now we use innovative eco-friendly fibers in our line of denims and has reduced water, dye and energy use by 50%. 

  "Our products are our landmarks…."