Organic Denim

With our  love for the outdoors, we are  concerned about the environmental impact of our   
jeans.   Now, we use innovative eco-friendly fibers in our  line of  men’s and women’s denim 
and has reduced water, dye and energy use by 50%.    
Our line of  jeans is made out of organic cotton, which cuts out harmful pesticide  and GMOs. 
Our  denim products are  as cool as it gets and they match their  modern look with  modern 
ethics.   We use only 100% organic cotton grown  without GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers,   
pesticides or  herbicides.   We use  Organic Denim with innovative dyeing process which 
enables to reduce dramatically the use of water, energy and chemicals and produce less 
carbon  dioxide compared to  conventional denim dyeing processes.