Our Plant

Happens to be one of our big strengths    We are known as one of the better laundries in the country and can handle finishes like, Enzyme, Sand Blasting, Crush Effects, Over dyeing,  Grinding  and  all  kinds  of vintage techniques.

Our washing plant is one of our finest establishments.   We have established this modernized    in-house    washing    plant    to expedite the production.       In the process of doing so  it  also ensures the  quality of our products for our buyers.

Our water treatment plants treats the water mainly to bring down the level of suspended
solids, iron and hardness  to the desirable level   for   the   washing   plant   and   related machinery.

The waste water of washing plant is passed through  an  Effluent  treatment  plant,  which
comprises of    a Physio-Chemical and Biological   Treatment   system   followed   by filtration.

Presentation of quality products is a focus, with a stringent random quality control, in pressing, finishing and packaging of the garments to suit buyers’ requirements.